Information Management Storage

Efficient businesses understand the most effective use of their labor and information assets are incorporated in systematic filing methods and automated document and records management systems.  Managing your information as a valuable asset will help control the creation and growth of records, reduce operating costs, improve efficiency and productivity, and safeguard vital information throughout its lifecycle.

Information Management and Records Management Facts

  • 15% of organizational revenue is spent on creation, management, and distribution of information
  •  60% of people’s time is spent working with records
  •  75% of records are still kept in paper form
  •  65% of worker’s time is spent looking for information

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 Where Remco Fits in

We have been providing document storage solutions for over 35 years.  Whether you are designing a new system, organizing existing files, converting from top tab to side tab color coded filing, merging filing systems together, moving to a terminal digit filing system, or need help with your present system.  Remco Storage Systems team of experts can help you develop an effective and compliant records and information management system.