Schools & University Filing and Storage

Schools of all types face some tough challenges when it comes to managing their floorspace.  With the student numbers increasing and budgets shrinking schools and universities are being asked to make some tough decisions.  When you add rising construction costs to the equation, the call for more efficient use of available floorspace is in higher demand than ever.  Remco Storage Systems has been helping the education industry solve their space and storage issues since 1976. Our team of highly trained professionals knows how to efficiently organize materials to maximize your storage capacity.

 Innovative Solutions to Double your Storage Capacity

We offer innovative storage and filing solutions that can double the storage capacity utilizing the same amount of floorspace.  We can also suggest ways to reduce your current storage space allowing for the open area to be utilized in other ways.   There are 100’s of options available to meet your specific needs.

 Areas that we can help include:

  •  Administrative Storage and Filing
  •  Athletic Equipment
  •  Music Department Storage and Filing
  •  Performing Arts Departments
  •  Campus Security Storage and Filing
  •  Food Services
  •  Lab Casework and Storage
  •  Warehouse & Maintenance Departments
  •  Medical Clinic Casework, Storage and Filing