Rapistak Mold/Die Storage

A mold and die storage system is a rack and integrated stacker crane system for storing and handling heavy dies and molds.   The system creates a work cell environment which allows for a single operator to handle heavy molds and dies, improves inventory control, adds efficiency to the storage and retrieval of dies and molds, improves the safety of handling dies and molds, and vastly improves the storage density freeing up valuable floor space.

What is the HEAVY-STAK model?

The Rapistak HEAVY–STAK Die/Mold Storage System consists of a pallet rack (roll formed or structural) and an integrated stacker crane. With the fixed beam model the dies/molds sit directly on the rack load beams or fork spacers.

What is the PROSTAK Model?

A PROSTAK Die/Mold Storage System is a rack and integrated stacker crane with instantly adjustable and removable steel pallets for maximum storage density.

Advantages & Benefits

  • Systems are scalable – you may always add onto the length (depth and height remain constant)
  • Flexible Storage – you can also store maintenance parts, machine tooling, stamping dies, etc
  • Maximize Vertical Space –  height starts at 10′ tall and goes to 25′ tall
  • Accessories Available  – flow through pallets, tub kits with partitions and dividers, etc


mega-stak1     mold_storage1 auto-stak1