Fast, Flexible Folding Workspace in Seconds


A successful company is one that is always able to expect and accept constant change. Businesses that are skilled at recognizing trends and identifying potential improvements can have a huge impact on their bottom line. For many years, cubicles have worked well in businesses that house a number of employees all requiring personal workspace. However, the times are changing faster and more often than ever before—and cubicles are changing with them.

No matter what the future holds, mobile workstations and benching systems are the answer for any company looking to save time, space, and money! Flexible and adjustable workspaces provide not only a refreshing and inexpensive take on personal workspaces, but can also help boost productivity, organization, and employee collaboration.

Here at REMCO Storage Systems, we use Swiftspace, the industry leader in patented folding workspaces, to offer innovative work space solutions to meet the needs of companies all across Michigan. Contact us today so we can help you improve your business with these incredible workstations!

Patented Folding Workspaces

To redesign an office space with cubicles, facility managers will spend multiple days using expensive software to create layouts. Once they finalize their plans, they spend several more days building and setting up. On the other hand, mobile workstation and benching systems can be setup in minutes, no tools required.  Simple clasps, casters, and hinges make setting up these folding workspaces a one person task. Everything is also connected as one piece, so there is no need to worry about individual parts going missing. Whether a business is conducting an initial setup or relocation there will never be a need for trained installers, saving valuable time and money.

Additionally, all of the mobile workstation products are mounted to swivel casters, making moving or converting the units quick and painless. The patented folding workspaces incorporate all of the interior components to a lightweight but strong frame, so anyone can maneuver them. This nearly infinite flexibility means there is no preplanning required, and if something doesn’t fit a space well it can be adjusted as easily as pushing a shopping cart. With cubicles, this adaptability just isn’t possible because of their stationary design.

Further, the workstations and benching systems easily fold down into compact dimensions to save space during transport or storage. When it’s time for the annual office holiday parties, companies can host events easily since the patented folding workspaces can simply be moved out of the way. If your office is doing renovations or moving locations, you can also take them with you to your swing space without missing a beat.

With dozens of available customized lengths, heights, and colors your company can have things exactly the way you want it. Create the ideal workspace for your company’s current dynamic by mixing and matching the folding workspaces, and then simply fold them down or adjust as necessary. There are an infinite number of ways to organize and connect the workspaces to maximize efficiency for your office’s specific needs.

Swiftspace’s workstation and benching systems have undergone rigorous tests to guarantee durable quality. Since they are built with high end materials, the workstation and benching systems have demonstrated an ability to withstand the daily stresses of the working world just like cubicles. Additionally, Swiftspace does not use external packaging and ships all units on reusable pallets to help drive down costs as much as possible.

Lastly, with adjustable workspace solutions businesses can enjoy increased productivity, innovation, and morale from their employees. The adaptable mobile workstation products can provide private workstations to drown out distractions, and open space areas designed to increase collaboration. When innovation is supported, employees can feel more confident when expressing ideas, increasing overall job satisfaction.

Patented folding workspaces can be used in virtually any type of workspace. These include, but are not limited to, corporate offices, healthcare offices, colleges/universities, hotels and resorts, restaurants and retail spaces, as well as in conference or exhibit spaces.

Still not sure if patented folding workspaces can work for you and your business? Give REMCO Storage Systems a call today at 1-855-362-0500 to let our Michigan-based storage professionals show you how we can set you up for success!

Folding workspace systems offer a fast and flexible work space solution for both office and production facilities.  A unique patented folding workstation incorporates all of the interior components to a lightweight but strong frame, mounted to swivel casters.

Workstations setup in less than one minute with no tools required.

Whether you are looking for ways to save time, space or money a folded work space system may be the answer.  Each system comes as a stand-alone unit and can be set up by anyone in less than minute.  Whether it be part of an initial setup or a relocation there will never be a need for trained installers, which will save you time and money.


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