Hospital BedLift Storage

Bedlift Storage Systems

For today’s healthcare administrators, the issue of storage space for supplies and equipment is growing increasingly more complex. Rising energy and construction costs along with limited hospital budgets have proved to be a major challenge that healthcare providers face on a daily basis when trying to operate more productively and efficiently.  All areas of the healthcare industry have a universal need for storage solutions that make life saving supplies easily accessible in the case of emergencies and are simultaneously space-efficient.

Fortunately, the Vidir Bed Lift Storage system was designed to alleviate one of the most common and difficult equipment storage issues for any hospital. This storage system holds hospital beds one on top of the other to more effectively utilize areas in hospital corridors and rooms. This system not only saves valuable floor space, but also protects the hospital beds, creates a significantly more organized storage system, and reduces potential fire and trip hazards from beds littering the hallways of any hospital.

Vidir’s Hospital Bedlift is a cost effective hospital bed storage system designed to store hospital beds off of the floor and stack them securely in a vertical arrangement. This hospital bed storage rack will maximize the efficiency and organization of any Michigan hospital’s maintenance department. All hospitals have to be prepared for situations in which “surge capacity”, or the ability to manage a sudden overflow of patients, is put to the test. In these instances, extra beds need to be available at a moment’s notice, and so storage space for the extra supply of beds must be taken into consideration. The distinct reduction in down time by using our hospital bedlift storage systems increases the number of beds available for patient use at any given moment, potentially saving more lives.

Additionally, hospitals must meet Joint Commission (JCAHO) and NFPA standards for the storage of hospital beds to avoid risking fines or in the worst case, the loss of accreditation. By using REMCO’s bedlift storage systems to remove unused ‘hallway beds’ from the corridors, hospital administrators can rest easy knowing that they meet the required fire protection and safety standards to keep their employees and patients safe at all times.

The bedlift stacking concept works by positioning the first bed onto the lift and then vertically lifting the bed, opening up a space underneath the bed for the next unit. Each additional bed is added in the same way, and the entire operation can easily be accomplished by a single individual by simply pushing a button. Each hospital bedlift storage system has forward and reverse control buttons as well as an emergency stop feature. The bedlifts also have a capacity of safely storing up to 900 pounds and between 3 and 5 hospital beds per bedlift, depending on the model.

Hospital beds can cost up to $40,000 per unit and are loaded with extremely sensitive electronics, so properly storing the beds is an important concern to protect them from getting damaged while not in use. Using the bedlift storage systems are an excellent way to extend the longevity of expensive hospital beds and provide a better return on the investment made by hospital administrators.

Additional Bedlift Storage System Options and Accessories:

  • Adaptor Platform Inserts: Fills platform profile for storing stretchers and other narrow base applications.
  • Vertical Security Gate: Roll down security gate to prohibit non-authorized access to beds when traveling or in restricted areas.
  • Anti-Microbial Paint: Provides increased protection for patients and hospital employees against 99.9% of all common pathogens, as well as additional properties that are resistant to mold, mildew, and fungus.
  • Preventative Maintenance Package: An annual inspection program designed to extend the life of and ensure quality functioning of the Bedlift Storage System.

Since 1976, Remco Storage Systems, Inc. has been dedicated to becoming the very best in specialized workplace storage solutions and document management services. We have since become an industry leader in providing bedlift storage systems for healthcare providers, and will continue to provide the best quality storage solution products on the market at the lowest possible cost.

From the most simplistic to the most comprehensive state-of-the-art medical office or hospital, Remco Storage Systems has cost effective storage solutions to help you make your Michigan healthcare facility more productive and efficient. Contact us today at 1-855-362-0500 to see how our storage professionals can help you improve the storage systems of your healthcare facility!