Industrial Storage Carousels

Vertical Carousels are ideal for small part storage

Since 1976, Remco Storage Systems, Inc. has been dedicated to becoming the very best in specialized workplace storage solutions and document management services. We have since become an industry leader in the implementation of vertical industrial storage carousels, and will continue to provide the best quality storage solutions on the market for the lowest price possible.

Countless companies all over Michigan are constantly seeking out strategies to maximize efficiency, minimize costs, and better serve their employees. Many businesses accomplish these goals by utilizing lean storage solutions to help save space, increase productivity, eliminate waste and more effectively manage inventory.

Vertical Carousel storage systems are ideal for storing and managing small parts or documents. Our clients have successfully integrated these Carousel systems to optimize their manufacturing, distribution, and production facilities, as well as office records. Our Vertical Storage Carousel manufacturers, Hänel Storage Systems and Vidir Storage Solutions, are the top names in the industry and their vertical carousels can be designed to meet the unique storage requirements of virtually any business.

Our dedicated and experienced service staff is here to partner with you to ensure your unique workplace is both safe and productive! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your company to redefine its storage system and increase its efficiency!

How the Vertical Carousel Works

Industrial Vertical Storage Carousels are completely enclosed motorized storage systems with rotating shelves, perfect for storing and managing small parts. With the simple touch of a button, the requested stored items are quickly brought down to an ergonomically positioned waist-high work counter. The vertical carousels’ efficient storage system minimizes bending, reaching and lifting by employees when searching for parts. These design features decrease the likelihood of an on-the-job injury and increase picking efficiency.

The vertical carousel storage units also feature integrated inventory management software for increased levels of productivity and inventory control.  An easy-to-use computerized controller is ergonomically positioned to ensure fast and simple operation of the unit. The units can also be integrated to provide a comprehensive, fully automated storage and retrieval system, so an updated overview of inventory is ensured at all times.

Our vertical storage carousels are equipped with a robust four-point suspension system with telescoping drawers that ride on triple bearings for greater reliability. Our storage systems also feature a V-2A wear-resistant work counter, allowing bins and totes to slide effortlessly in and out of the machine without damaging the retrieval area. A two piece access opening door is naturally balanced for smooth operation with no counterweights, and the multifunction carriers are easily adaptable to meet changing storage requirements. We even provide the option of refrigerated storage units that are tested to keep items temperature controlled at up to -14 degrees Fahrenheit.

The safety of our storage systems is a top priority, and the vertical carousel storage systems we install have a variety of features to ensure user security. A safety light curtain in the access opening helps to protect the carousel operator by bringing rotation of the unit to an immediate halt if the safety threshold is crossed. The vertical carousel systems also feature a safety bypass mode, which allows the operator to safely retrieve items from the machine in the highly unlikely event that the safety system fails. The vertical storage systems also feature a double locking mechanism on drawers and doors and fluorescent or optional LED work lighting in the access opening area to help further ensure employee safety while accessing items.

The vertical carousel’s drive mechanism is mounted in the carousel housing area to ease service access, and all maintenance and servicing is done from the front of the unit with no need to dismantle. A dual motor design also provides more power with redundancy for longer life and emergency operation. Our carousels additionally feature a load imbalance indicator, which assists in proper loading to avoid excess wear and unsafe operating conditions.

With all of these incredible advantages, a vertical industrial storage carousel is the best way to produce maximum storage capacity while simultaneously reducing your business’ storage footprint. The vertical storage carousels efficiently store and retrieve small items and documents without wasting revenue generating floor space with racks or filing cabinets.

As a Michigan based specialized workspace solutions company with an outstanding reputation, REMCO’s mission is to protect, manage and control your most vital assets and information. Give us a call today at 1-855-362-0500 to let our professional storage solutions experts show you how a Vertical Carousel Storage system can help your business succeed!


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