Modular Casework

Modular Casework cabinets offer a flexible and functional solution for any office, laboratory, clinic, school or anywhere else that traditional millwork is used.  Whether you are renovating or relocating, traditional “built in” millwork usually ends up in the landfill, but modular movable millwork cabinets are built to move with you.   We offer all types of modular movable casework cabinets including anti-microbial and stainless steel for healthcare facilities, schools, nurses stations, and laboratories.  Gas, vacuum, water, data, and/or electrical lines can be incorporated into any of the cabinets.

Casework Advantages, Include:

  • Much shorter turn around times than traditional millwork cabinets.
  • Existing casework can be relocated and reused, as needed.
  • Light weight allows cabinets to be easily hung on the wall.
  • Everything is prefabricated and built to order.
  • Depreciation cycle is 7 years instead of 30 years for almost all other workspace solutions.
  • Greatly reduces disruptions due to construction noise, dust, and contractors.


Look and Design Options

We can offer numerous options including handles, surfaces, finishes, hinges, adjustable document sorting shelves, and color selections to make your office, kitchen, work center, or lab space aesthetically pleasing.  You come up with the concept or application and we will take care of the rest.  Contact us today and let one of our experienced representatives assist you with your project.  Once we completely understand your needs we can provide a proposal with drawings.