Have you heard? There is a new electricity in the air, or more accurately put – in our vehicles. By 2030, up to 40% of new car sales will be electric vehicles – probably 50%. Based on that, EV sales will increase 812% in the next eight years, requiring 1.4 million charging ports to be installed. That’s 478 EV ports every day for eight years. 

You could say the automotive market is going to make a huge pivot around this EV evolution. So is Remco. That’s why we are proud to have become part of the Terra Energy Services Reseller Network, and bring the benefits of EV technology to our customers. 

The product lineup we now offer is hot, and it includes Level II EV charging systems for offices, healthcare facilities, retail centers, fleets, and public parking. We even provide a series of systems for home-based EV charging. 

Ready to make a cool change? Charge it.

40 Series Charging Station

The 40 Series Home Charging Station is for drivers who want to charge their electric vehicles safely and in the privacy of their home. With innovative features, the 40 Series allows for maximum power delivery, greater convenience, and the advanced technology drivers need to ensure their vehicle is ready to go!

40 Series Product Sheet

60 Series Charging Station

The 60 Series is the perfect electric vehicle charging station suitable for commercial applications such as multifamily, office, hotel, retail, fleet, municipal and urban garages. Its compact form factor, ease of installation and comprehensive online management system make it the best choice for charging electric vehicles.

60 Series Product Sheet

70 Series Charging Station

The 70 Series Smart Charge is a smart charging station that makes it easy to charge your EV fleets and make sure they are ready to go. Designed for commercial applications – workplace, multifamily, hospitality, and the public sector. Including built-in alerts and a smart dashboard to visualize detailed reports on electricity used, carbon offset fuel savings and more.

70 Series Product Sheet

80 Series Charging Station

The 80 Series EV Charging Station is for commercial applications where drivers are likely to pay with a credit card. With our built-in credit card reader, drivers don’t need a network membership to charge their vehicle. This is perfect for all commercial applications, including shopping malls, hospitals, municipal parking, and any retail location.

80 Series Product Sheet

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