Textile Automated Storage Vertical Carousel

Rolled goods have never been easier to access and store than on an automated vertical carousel system.   This motorized carousel for textiles is designed specifically to accommodate a wide range of fabric sizes and styles including woven, non-woven, synthetic, netting, and knitted options.  Different diameters, width and sizes can all be accommodated. You will find these in retail stores, manufacturing establishments, and warehouses.  In each case the roll is brought to the ergonomic height level to employ safe working conditions.  No longer will you need to manually manage textile rolls.

  • Use valuable floor space for profitable operations by going vertical with your textile storage
  • Rolls from 6” – 44’ in diameter with a width of up to 15’ can all be accommodated
  • Systems available in semi-automatic or fully automatic configurations
  • Enhance production capacity and overall productivity
  • Loading system is easy to use and patented