Wire Automated Vertical Carousel

When you need a motorized solution for your different types of wire, rope, cable, chain and any other materials that are stored in spools or reels you can use this Vertical Wire Carousel.  The vertical carousel uses your overhead space effectively to minimize the footprint for the specific storage requirements.  Flexibility in set up through an adjustable interior for inventory that is ever changing can be found on the Vertical Wire Carousels that we provide.

The operator is able to move the carousel to the desired reel, measure out the exact length required at an appropriate ergonomic height and then secure the spool and storage rack if necessary.

Some key benefits

  • Maximum use of overhead storage space
  • Safety in the workplace is attained by proper ergonomic working conditions
  • Store a maximum of 36 reels or spools that are 30” in width in just 60 sq ft of space, larger quantities of smaller spools can fit in the same amount of space.
  • Efficient and productive work conditions
  • Ease of use with dollies available for loading spools of up to 300lbs