Wire Partitions & Mesh Enclosures


Storage Lockers

Tenant storage lockers have a number of applications. They are used in the military bases all over the world, they are also found in apartments and condos throughout the nation, and can even be found in sports team’s locker room. Storage lockers are a great solution when you need storage but not a lot of space is available.

  • Welded wire design provides strength and durability.
  • Doors are fully framed and the pre-hung design makes installation a breeze.
  • Lockers can be fitted with different options including shelves, back panels, ceilings/tops, hang rod assemblies, and even sliding doors.
  • Mesh guarding lockers provide more security and prevent damage in comparison to lockers that use unframed webs.
  • All systems come finished in a polyester powder coat which lasts longer than enamel based finishes.

WireMeshPartitionsWire Mesh Partitions

Wire mesh partitions are produced with a 10ga and 6ga welded wire mesh in a 2” square pattern, that provides optimal structural integrity and are also visually appealing. Mesh types include woven wire as well as expanded metal. The ability to use various wire mesh types allows us to meet any new construction specification. The ability to customize wire mesh partitions goes beyond the mesh; customization include varying heights, custom doors/locks, tapered panels, and more.


  • Stackable system has unparalleled strength.
  • Welded wire mesh provides maximum protection and creates a visually appealing storage solution.
  • Universal components make for a quicker installation times and less confusion.
  • Product design allows for easy customization including: extra tall enclosures (over 25’), special doors and locks, customized/minimized sweep space and more.

Pallet Rack Safety and Security Systems

Pallet rack safety systems are designed to keep products and people safe by preventing items from falling and landing on personal. The framed welded wire panels attach to the existing uprights using our innovative L-shaped and Sleeve brackets. With the L-shaped brackets, offsets can be adjusted easily in the field using various pre-punched holes. The sleeve brackets use a U-shaped bolt which is designed to go around an upright, this is a great option when attaching to an upright is not allowed.

    • Welded wire design provides strength and durability.
    • Bi-parting hinge doors add a level of security to the pallet racking
    • Multiple bracket types ensure that pallet rack safety panels will attach to any upright.
    • Installs are quicker than safety netting and provides a better and safer solution.
    • All systems come finished in a polyester powder coat which lasts longer than enamel based finishes.