Remco Storage Systems, Inc. has been in business since 1976, and has since developed an excellent reputation for providing the very best products and service for Michigan businesses in need of storage solutions. Remco Storage Systems is a Certified WOSB (Women Owned Small Business) and WBE (Women Business Enterprise), and we are passionately dedicated to achieving our customers’ satisfaction by providing individualized solutions to optimize your unique workspace.

We specialize in helping businesses Organize, Store, Protect and Secure their most vital assets for a more productive and space efficient operation.

From the initial review to implementation and service, we will partner with you to ensure a successful project outcome. Remco’s consultants will provide you with onsite evaluations and personalized space design solutions. No matter what the project calls for, we will utilize proven tools to deliver on time and on budget.

REMCO Storage Systems is proud to offer our customers efficiency and single source accountability. Our project manager will cover every step, from conceptual design to installation timelines, in detail. Our certified technicians will install the system, as well as provide scheduled maintenance and lifetime service on the equipment.

Our Core Competencies include, but are not limited to, the following:

Vertical Lift Modules: Vertical Lifts are a type of automated storage and retrieval system which feature a computer-controlled positioning lift and enclosed shelves to keep materials safely stored in height optimized containers. The storage containers are easily accessed with the push of a button, so employees no longer need to worry about bending, reaching, or wasting time picking parts. For any business in Michigan with manufacturing, distribution, storage, or production facilities, these industrial vertical storage lifts are the key to optimizing day to day operations.

Vertical Carousels: Vertical Carousel storage systems are ideal for storing and managing small parts or documents. We have successfully integrated the vertical carousels to be used for healthcare supply storage, legal documents, automotive parts, and countless other applications. A vertical industrial storage carousel is the best way to produce maximum storage capacity while simultaneously reducing your business’ storage footprint.

High-Density Solutions Whether your business in Lansing is looking for ways to save time, space or money, a high density storage unit is an excellent solution. A high density storage shelving systems can reduce your filing or storage area by up to 65% over traditional filing cabinets and stationary shelving. By eliminating unnecessary aisles you can condense materials and redistribute valuable floor space. In turn, your operating costs will decrease significantly with less space to heat, air condition, light, and/or insure.

Shelving and Drawers From files to heavy-duty industrial parts, we have four-post adjustable metal shelving that will make your Ann Arbor facility more efficient and organized. Our four post metal shelving comes in a variety of types, styles and dimensions for your unique storage application, and most of our shelving solutions are pre-engineered to be placed on high density mobile shelving systems.

Mezzanines: Mezzanine flooring can quickly create additional floors of space for storage or extra office equipment. A steel structural mezzanine floor utilizes your business’ overhead space with minimum disruption and, in most cases, without the need for planning permission. Industrial operations such as warehousing, distribution or manufacturing frequently utilize mezzanines to maximize workable space. Our mezzanines feature heavy duty powder coated steel components, which provide superior levels of durability and safety.

Hospital Bed Storage Racks: This storage system stores hospital beds vertically to more effectively utilize areas in hospital corridors and rooms. This system not only saves valuable floor space, but also protects the hospital beds, creates a significantly more organized storage system, and reduces potential fire and trip hazards. By using REMCO’s bed lift storage systems hospital administrators will meet required standards to keep their employees and patients safe.

Folding flexible workstations: Folding flexible workstations and benching systems are a great option for any company in Grand Rapids! Flexible and adjustable workspaces provide a refreshing take on personal workspaces and also help boost productivity. All of the mobile workstation products are contained in one piece and mounted to swivel casters, making moving or converting the units incredibly simple. There will never be a need for trained installers, saving you valuable time and money.

At REMCO Storage Systems, we pledge to provide you and your business with the highest level of professional integrity and quality storage solution products and services possible. We serve companies across virtually any industry in Auburn Hills, Plymouth, Holland, and all across Michigan. Contact us today at 1-855-362-0500 to find out how we can help optimize your business!