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Scheduled Maintenance Program Benefits

Designed to Extend Equipment Life and Save Your Company Money.

As the adage goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. That is especially true in the world of Manufacturing and Assembly where downtime is extremely costly and uptime so very critical.

Obviously, all mechanical equipment needs to be maintained and everyone has maintenance personnel on staff to do just that.  However, they tend to be pulled in a million different directions and items like PM’s can fall through the cracks. 

We can take on that responsibility along with the added advantage of having the same service professionals that installed your equipment be the ones that perform the preventative maintenance. 

The benefits to you include:

  • Ensure a longer life for your equipment.
  • Prevent downtime due to equipment failure.
  • Make your operations more reliable.
  • Get better information on the status of your equipment.
  • Prevent service calls by heading off problems before they can occur.
  • Benchmark the improvements in your operations.
  • Simplify your operations by putting the burden of this specialized maintenance on Remco’s specifically trained and certified service technicians.

Our maintenance approach is very simple.  Our certified technician(s) will follow a comprehensive format specifically designed for your equipment that covers all mechanical and electrical components including, all safety related structural components.  Every aspect of the service will be documented and will include any findings, suggestions and/or recommendations.  The checklist will be reviewed with the customer upon completion and a copy sent for their records.       

Now is the time to act so that your company gains the best possible ROI.

Material handling systems are generally rugged and durable, but the stress of everyday operations can wear down vertical storage units.

A short-term maintenance program is not the answer. A long-term, systematic, standardized maintenance process approach yields results for companies seeking to improve performance and reliability.

We can help define goals for your operation:

  • How much downtime is too much?
  • How many service calls are too many?
  • How many hours of downtime are acceptable?
  • Are there areas or equipment that always need attention?
  • Suggestion regarding frequency of these scheduled maintenance visits.

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