Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance assures optimal working conditions and conserves the life span of equipment.  Preventative Maintenance is regularly planned and performed on a piece of equipment while the equipment is still working, to help insure that it does not breakdown unexpectedly.  By minimizing unexpected breakdowns, unplanned downtime is avoided, and equipment and asset uptime can be maximized. 

Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

Saves Money:

  • Prevents costly repairs
  • Saves in utility costs
  • Reduces operating costs

Improves Performance and Saves Energy:

  • Maximizes efficiency
  • Improves systems reliability
  • Reduces energy use and expenses
  • Better parts inventory management

More Maintenance – Less Repairs:

  • Increases equipment lifespan
  • Reduces risk of catastrophic failure
  • Reduces need for costly emergency repairs

Increases Workplace Safety and Improved Compliance with OSHA:

  • Supports healthy, productive and safe environment
  • Helps reduce costly work disruptions
  • Addresses issues before they become urgent

The Goal of a maintenance and reliability program is to deliver a proper balance of maintenance activities, primarily those aimed at identifying impending failure to allow for timely corrective actions.

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