Furniture & Fixtures

It seems that now more than ever, companies are required to produce more, with less time, space and money. These products can meet all three criteria helping you meet your bottom line. Laboratory Casework, Hospital Bed Lifts, and Foldable Workstations are flexible space saving solutions that can also quickly save you money.

Modular Laboratory Casework, as the name implies, is movable, it’s manufactured ahead of time, sent pre-assembled, and can be quickly installed at your facility. Hospital BedLifts are designed so your healthcare facility can protect and store more beds in less space. The idea is to take the typically unused vertical space and convert it into productive storage space.

Foldable Workstations, unlike traditional cubicles, are one piece, foldable, flexible, cost-efficient, adjustable, scalable, and durable – everything your business needs. They can be set up by anyone in minutes, easily reconfigured and fold down to a very manageable 15% of their total space at a moment’s notice.